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Metal Halide 24" Fixtures
For help in determining which 24" metal halide aquarium lighting fixture is appropriate for the dimensions of your tank and corals in the tank please visit our Aquarium Fixture Lighting Chart.
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Marineland Marine Series Pro Metal Halide Fixture 1X150W HQI & 4X24W T5, 24 inch
Marineland Marine Series Pro Metal Halide Fixture 1X150W HQI & 4X24W T5, 24 inch
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The Marineland Marine Series Pro Metal Halide 1X150W HQI & 4X24W T5, 24 inch Fixture is a sophisticated 24 hour lighting system with HQI metal halide lamps, T5 High Output lamps and LEDs for night lighting. This high end fixture is the perfect light for reef aquariums. The built in timer gives you independent control over the HQI, T5 and LED lights, and the single cord and internal ballasts minimize the clutter.
Please visit our Lighting Chart page to identify the best light for you particular reef aquarium.
  • User Manual (pdf file in new window)
  • Setup Instructions (pdf file in new window)
  • The Hanging Kit can be purchased separately

  • Every light is thoroughly tested and Marineland's product support is unmatched (see Inspection Record example). Marineland will repair your light under warranty even if it means they need to send a technician to your home!
  • Dimensions: 23.5" X 16" X 4" (the legs raise the fixture off the tank 2.5")
  • Single 12 ft. cord for easiest installation and maintenance
  • One High intensity 14,000K HQI metal halide lamp
  • Four 24W HO T5 actinic lamps to intensify the blue wavelengths
  • Two 1 Watt LED accent lights to replicate moonlight and help coral reproduction and nighttime viewing and feeding
  • Internal electronic ballasts
  • Interchangeable accent strips (pictured below)
  • Adjustable legs included. The legs will raise the fixture off the tank 2.5". The legs can extend up to 25" and will push in as far as needed to accommodate 18" and 20" tanks.
  • One fan
  • Integrated 3-mode digital timer, for a completely customizable light profile. The metal halide, T5 HO and LED lights can be individually controlled with the integrated timer (detail photo below)
Hamilton Technology Cebu Sun 24 inch Fixture
Hamilton Technology Cebu Sun 24 inch MH & T5 Fixtures, 1 Mogul Metal Halide Bulb & 4X24W T5 HO
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The 24" Cebu Sun Metal Halide, T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent & LED system comes with a choice of 175W, 250W or 400W mogul-base metal halide lamps (choose lamps with pull-down menus on main product page), four 24 watt actinic T5 lamps, and LED night lights. Using the pull-down menus you can also choose to upgrade your metal halide lamps to 14K or 20K at no extra charge, and add eye hooks for suspension at no extra charge.

NOTE: Please click the product title above to be taken to the main product page. This page will have the pulldown menus where you can choose the bulbs, ballasts, eye hooks and mounting legs.

  • Superior craftsmanship, durable black powder coated aluminum system
  • German mirror finish reflector for intensified Metal Halide light output
  • Combining Metal Halide power with T5 Fluorescent lighting for maximum impact
  • Moonlight Blue LEDs for nocturnal viewing
  • Low profile, ventilated aluminum fixture can be place directly on top of aquarium by adjustable mounting legs (a separate charge) or hung above aquarium (request eye hooks for hanging)
  • Remote, high performance metal halide ballast with quality quick disconnect with 10 ft lamp cord, 6 ft grounded power cord
  • Internal electronic T5 ballasts
  • Protective, tempered 'splash guard safety shield' UV lens
  • Dimensions: L 24" x W 13.5" x H 6.5"
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