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RO System Additives
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Brightwell Aquatics Remineraliz-P 500 grams
Brightwell Aquatics Remineraliz-P, 500 grams
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  • Establishes an optimal mineral balance in water that has been purified (e.g. reverse
    osmosis, deionization, etc.) or is exceedingly-soft (e.g. well water in forested regions) for all
    freshwater planted and community aquaria, as well as for biotope aquaria housing fishes
    indigenous to forested and/or riverine habitats.
  • Creates an ideal ratio of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, elements which are vital to
    the overall health of fishes, invertebrates, and aquatic plants; contains trace sodium and
    chloride for proper osmoregulation in plants and fishes.
  • May be used to establish beneficial water parameters in aquaria filled with purified water,
    to replenish depleted mineral concentrations in aquaria that rarely receive a water change,
    and to re-establish beneficial mineral concentrations in aquaria following large water changes.
Kent Marine RO Right, 250 grams
Kent Marine RO Right, 250 grams
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Specially formulated mixture of dissolved solids (also called general hardness or GH) which includes major salts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium together with all necessary minor and trace minerals. Provides natural water chemistry for the conversion of reverse osmosis, distilled or deionized water for fresh water fish and plants. Provides a balanced electrolyte system. Useful for all fresh water fish, including Discus. Contains no phosphates, nitrates or organics to pollute the system. Powdered form.