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American Marine Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Kit American Marine Pinpoint Aquarium CO2 Regulator Kit

The American Marine Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Kit is a high end regulator/solenoid engineered specifically for the aquarium hobby at an affordable price. It be used for automating a calcium reactor or setting up a freshwater planted aquarium. It's very quiet & reliable and the precise needle valve will dispense the exact the flow desired.

CO2 Regulator Kit Features

  • User Manual (pdf format in new window)
  • Has W-22 thread. Get the American Marine CGA 320 CO2 Tank Adapter to connect to CGA 320 C02 Cylinder Bottles.
  • Includes an adapter to connect to Paintball bottles
  • CO2 regulator is automatically regulated and does not require a 2nd gauge or knob
  • Electronic non-stick solenoid
  • LED indicator light to show open (energized) solenoid
  • Glass bubble counter with large gasket seal
  • Precision adjustable micro needle valve
  • Output pressure gauge
  • Includes silicone tubing 20 feet (6 meters)
  • Extra replacement gasket kit
  • AC Adapter (110 VAC North America)
  • Adjustment screwdriver

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American Marine CGA 320 CO2 Tank Adapter American Marine CGA 320 CO2 Tank Adapter

The American Marine CGA 320 CO2 Tank Adapter is for connecting the American Marine Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Kit to a standard American thread (CGA 320) C02 Cylinder Bottle.

Our Price: $10.99
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Milwaukee MA957 CO2 Regulator Milwaukee Instruments Aquarium MA957 CO2 Regulator

The Milwaukee Instruments MA957 CO2 Regulator with Solenoid Valve & Bubble Counter also includes a needle valve and comes with dual gauge. The left gauge meters tank capacity and the right gauge meters flow. The needle valve flow control provides for precise measurement. The solenoid valve comes with a 1.5 meter power cord.

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Red Sea CO2 Pressure Regulator, Standard Red Sea Aquarium CO2 Pressure Regulator, Standard

This Red Sea CO2 Pressure Regulator, Standard, is only for use with standard CO2 cylinders and can not be used with paintball cylinders.

This full-featured safety regulator with independent needle valve is designed specifically for aquarium use. The pressure regulator and needle valve are independent units connected by low-pressure CO2 tubing. The high precision fine-flow valve is designed to be mounted on the side of the aquarium enabling easy access for regular flow adjustment or complete shut off. Once assembled and set to the desired working pressure, the CO2 Cylinder/Regulator can be located out of site, behind or under the aquarium.


  • Easily upgradeable for automatic control with an in-line solenoid control valve
  • Easy to read high and low pressure gauges
  • Integral pressure relief valve
  • Independent, fine flow valve-stable flow rates from 4 bubbles per minute
  • Includes airline tubing

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