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Hydor Smart Level Control
Hydor Smart Level Control
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Hydor Smart Level Control is the new versatile fully electronic water level controller designed by Hydor. The Smart Level safely and easily handles the aquarium and sump water level due to evaporation. Designed to be used in the many different conditions that exist in the marine and freshwater aquarium environment. Smart Level technology reduces the problems related to lime scale deposits, bacterial film, and wave action, which ensures the continuous, safe, and regular functioning of the Smart Level Control.

Note: Pump NOT included. The Hydor Smart Level Control can be used with all types of pumps with less than 50 watts of power. Choose a pump with a flow and head suitable for the type of use. It's best to use a pump that tops off slowly within 10 minutes (maximum topping-off time).

The User Manual can be downloaded from the Hydor Web site (click Download Instructions halfway down page).
John Len Micom Liquid Feeder Dosing Pump
John Len Micom Liquid Feeder (Dosing Pump)
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The John Len Micom Liquid Feeder (Dosing Pump) can be used for topping off water lost due to evaporation, dosing trace elements, two-part supplements, kalkwasser and/or any other liquid aquarium supplement or food. It's great for automating mundane tasks like two-part dosing or to gain accurate control of kalkwasser additions to an aquarium.
  • Easy to use & fully programmable
  • Daily or weekly control
  • Max cycle: 1 cycle per hour
  • Min cycle: 1 cycle every 9 days
  • Chain link up to 3 units together
  • Low wattage
  • Calibration function
  • Dependable & quiet operation
  • Model CS072A-1
  • Dosage 1 ml to 99 ml
  • Dimensions: 2.5" W x 5" L (with plug head) x 2.875" H
  • Includes 10 ft of durable dosing tubing
  • Includes AC adapter