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Aqua Medic Fish Trap
Aqua Medic Fish Trap
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It is often very difficult to catch an individual fish--especially in aquariums with a lot of rocky decoration such as reef tanks or aquariums for African chichlids--without completely destroying the decorative aquascape. You can bait the Aqua Medic Fish Trap with some food, and as soon as the desired fish has entered the trap the closing mechanism is simply released by hand. The trap is constructed in such a way that it can be removed from the aquarium with the fish inside. This method considerably reduces the stress on the fish. 11.75" x 6.75" x 6.75".
Aqua Medic Aquarium Pest Trap
Aqua Medic Trap-Pest Aquarium Pest Trap
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Trap-pest is an automatic trap for removing undesirable bristle worms, crabs and snails from an aquarium. Bristle worms crawl through a funnel into the trap and cannot find their way out while crabs and snails pass through a one way curtain which blocks their return path. The trap is simply baited from the outside. 3" X 3" X 5".
Coralife Trap-Em
Coralife Trap-Em
Our Price: $9.50
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Coralife Trap'Em is a quick and effective device to lure, trap and remove bristle worms from any reef aquarium. Bristle worms grow and multiply rapidly and should be quickly removed from the aquarium. Trap' Em comes complete with bait.
Sera Snail Collect Snail Trap
Sera Snail Collect (Snail Trap)
Our Price: $12.79
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With Sera Snail Collect you can manage snail populations in your aquarium without harmful chemicals. The safe and simple-to-use Sera Snail Collect relies on a basic "bait and trap" principle to capture freshwater aquarium snails. Snails are secured within the trap once they enter the one-way curtain. Spacing between the exterior set of bars can be adjusted according to the particular size of snail you wish to capture. Includes two Sera O-nip Tablets for use as bait. Plastic construction. Light assembly required. The Sera Snail Collect measures 5" x 2-1/2" x 1" high.