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Aquarium Salt
Synthetic aquarium salt should be mixed with RO or RO/DI water. All of our synthetic salts contain calcium and trace elements and will help to achieve the proper pH levels. However, over time you will need to replenish calcium and trace elements, and also add buffer to maintain the proper pH. When doing water changes you will need to add more salt, but when just replenishing evaporated water it will not be necessary to add salt because the salt will not evaporate in significant amounts. Keep your salt containers well sealed as moisture will turn your salt to rock. All salts we carry are very high quality salts that are appropriate for reef aquariums as well as saltwater fish only tanks.

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Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt contains every necessary major, minor, and trace element and has no nitrates or phosphates. This aquarium salt was developed through sophisticated biological and chemical testing, and every batch is analyzed to assure consistent high quality.
Coral Pro Salt has been specifically formulated for use with "mineral free" reverse osmosis, or soft tap water and contains the elevated levels of calcium and buffer capacity that provide the extended availability of these elements, essential for vibrant coral growth.
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