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  Hydor High Purity Natural Zeolite, 550 grams
Hydor High Purity Natural Zeolite 550 grams

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The Hydor Zeolite for freshwater aquariums and marine is a powerful adsorbent natural high purity selected and tested by Hydor laboratories. Thanks to its regular structure called Clinoptinolite, Zeolite by Hydor is an indispensable aid for the aquarium hobbyist starting a new unstable freshwater aquarium. Hydor Zeolite has the ability to filter through three different mechanisms. It has a mechanical filtration for food wastes and faecal material. Ammonia can be quickly trapped through the high ion exchange capacity. Furthermore, the product can function as a biological substrate for the proliferation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that reduce impact on the content of ammonia in the aquarium. Hydor Zeolite helps to eliminate dyes, drug residues, microscopic algae and any odorous substances, quickly restoring aquarium water clarity. It does not release phosphates, heavy metals and other substances harmful to aquatic life. You can use Hydor Zeolite with your Hydor Professional Aquarium External Filter or any other filter. The 550 grams come in a single mesh bag and should be replaced every 45 days.

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FILTER MEDIA > Aquarium Filter Replacement Media:
Hydor Professional