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CO2 Products by Type
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Aquarium CO2 System Article (bottom of page)

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CO2 Products by Manufacturer (Aqua Medic, Milwaukee, American Marine, etc.)
CO2 Products:
Complete CO2 Systems
CO2 Products by Type:
Bubble Counters
CO2 Systems with everything included. From Dennerle and Fluval.
A bubble counter determines how much gas is going through the airline. It is counted in terms of bubbles per minute (or other period of time). The bubble counter is located between the CO2 regulator and reactor in a CO2 System.
CO2 Products by Type:
CO2 Bottles
CO2 Products by Type:
pH Controllers
We have several sizes of CO2 bottles from ista. For the Hydor CO2 Green NRG Advanced use the Hydor NRG CO2 Disposable Cartridge. For CO2 systems using the American standard threaded regulator use the Red Sea Cylinder Bottle.
To have a completely automated aquarium CO2 system you will need a controller such as the Milwaukee Instruments pH Monitor/Controller, SMS122.
CO2 Products by Type:
CO2 Products by Type:
Regulators & Controllers
CO2 reactors are commonly used to diffuse CO2 into freshwater planted aquariums. In reef aquariums a CO2 reactor may be used to diffuse CO2 into a calcium reactor.
We carry a wide variety of CO2 regulators and controllers from ista as well as the AquaticLife CO2 Regulator w/ Integrated Solenoid Valve and the Milwaukee Instruments MA957 CO2 Regulator w/ an integrated Solenoid Valve and Bubble Counter.
CO2 Products by Type:
Solenoid Valves
A solenoid valve turns on and off the supply of gas to a CO2 reactor or calcium reactor. When using a pH controller in conjunction with a CO2 reactor, changes in pH will turn the solenoid valve either on or off according to settings.

An aquarium CO2 system is necessary for calcium reactors and for dispensing CO2 into freshwater planted aquariums. Healthy and luxuriant freshwater aquarium plants require the presence of adequate carbon dioxide. The movement of pumped water causes the elimination of carbon dioxide through the water surface. Plants without carbon dioxide turn yellow and lose strength. CO2 systems are the best way to effectively add the required amount of CO2 to a freshwater planted tank.

To have a complete aquarium CO2 system you must have the following:

To have a completely automated aquarium CO2 system you need to ALSO have the following:
For recommendations on putting together a complete CO2 system buying components a la carte, please visit the Complete CO2 System Setup page.

If you are using these CO2 products with a Calcium Reactor, you'll need the Regulator, Bubble Counter, Hose and CO2 bottle, but will not need the CO2 reactor. The Calcium Reactor will take the place of the CO2 reactor. For an automated system include the Solenoid Valve and pH controller. You can buy components a la carte at the Calcium Reactor Complete System #1 and Calcium Reactors Complete System #2 pages.