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  Two Little Fishies FloraPlan, 250 ml
Two Little Fishies FloraPlan 250 ml

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Two Little Fishies FloraPlan replenishes essential trace elements and other micronutrients providing them in special compounds that are easily utilized by plants and fish. Chemical filtration and natural processes within an aquarium such as biological filtration and growth of the inhabitants can cause deficiencies in these vital elements and compunds. FloraPlan promotes the development of colorful foliage , healthy roots and stems. It also enhances the efficiency of biological filtration. Does no contain phosphates or nitrates. FloraPlan is ideal for all freshwater aquariums, dense planted aquariums, paludariums, and water gardens. 250 ml.

Directions: Begin with 5 ml (one capful) per 50 gallons per week. Slowly increase the dosage to a maximum of one capful per 10 gallons for heavily planted aquariums. Shelf life is three years.

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