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Two Little Fishies Medications
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Two Little Fishies ReVive Coral Cleaner 500 ml
Two Little Fishies ReVive Coral Cleaner, 500 ml
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Two Little Fishies ReVive Coral Cleaner is a revolutionary product developed by Julian Sprung for cleansing live stony and soft corals, zoanthids, and anemones. It is a surface cleaning dip based on plant extracts. Use for all general purpose live coral cleansing, as a part of acclimation to aquariums when corals or anemones are first received, for rinsing prior to shipping, and for rinsing newly fragmented corals, such as at coral farming facilities. Mix 40 ml of ReVive Coral Cleaner mixed with 3.8 liters of aquarium seawater to create a bath for coral acclimation. 500 ml.