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Laguna Phosphate Control, 67.5 oz Laguna Phosphate Control, 67.5 oz (2.1 qt)

Laguna Phosphate Control naturally improves pond water clarity and overall pond conditions. Phosphate is a major nutrient that can stimulate undesirable pond conditions that result in unclear water. Micro-organisms in Phosphate Control's super-concentrated formula reduce phosphate levels. Laguna Phosphate Control contains a combination of powerful bacterial teams found in nature that improve water conditions for pond inhabitants.

  • PT-898
  • 67.5 oz (2.1 qt). Treat 10,566 gallons
  • Reduces phosphates naturally
  • Improves water clarity
  • Lasts longer than chemical treatments
  • Replenishes beneficial micro-organisms

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Laguna Water Prep, 2 Liters Laguna Water Prep, 2 Liters (2.1 qt)

Laguna Water Prep eliminates harmful chlorine or chloramine from newly added tap water, immediately making it safe for pond inhabitants. It also neutralizes toxic metal ions found in tap water before it can harm fish. Water Prep's coating agents bond to fish skin and scales where natural coating has been breached, offering time for the natural production of the protective slime coat.

Always ensure that fresh tap/well water is made safe before it comes into contact with fish. Laguna Water Prep will ensure that tap/well water is made safe. It should be added to the pond whenever tap/well water is added.

  • PT-863
  • 2 Liters (2.1 qt). Treats 10,566 gallons.
  • Makes tap or well water safe for fish and plants
  • Instantly eliminates chlorine and chloramine
  • Neutralizes harmful metals
  • Coats and protects fish fins and scales.

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