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Additives: Laguna Pond Water Treatments
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Laguna Bio Booster, 67.5 oz.
Laguna Bio Booster, 67.5 oz (2.1 qt)
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Laguna Bio Booster brings the purifying power of living microbes to the pond. In highly concentrated form, these strains efficiently remove ammonia and nitrite, liquefied toxins that can adversely effect the health of pond fish and plant life. Laguna Bio Booster reduces nitrate. When used as directed, Laguna Bio Booster maintains proper populations of necessary micro-organisms for peak water conditions. It is safe and effective for the entire pond habitat.

  • PT-893
  • 67.5 oz (2.1 qt). Treats 10,566 gallons.
  • Boosts the biological power of your biofilter
  • Reduces and controls toxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Matures filters and filter media
  • Long lasting benefits
  • Beneficial to the entire pond environment
  • Instantly activated
Laguna Bio Sludge Control, 16 oz
Laguna Bio Sludge Control, 16 oz
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Fish and other pond inhabitants generate large quantities of organic waste. If left untreated, this waste will accumulate faster and create toxic conditions. Laguna Bio Sludge Control is a living preparation designed to eliminate sludge and organic waste from pond surfaces. The micro-organisms found in Bio Sludge Control efficiently solubilize solid wastes, reducing them dramatically.

  • PT-886
  • 16 oz. Treats 2,500 gallons
  • Breaks down organic solids and pond sludge
  • Benefits the entire pond environment
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Instantly activated
Laguna Liquid Peat, 16.9 oz
Laguna Liquid Peat, 16.9 oz
Our Price: $18.91
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Laguna Liquid Peat prevents unsightly water conditions.

  • PT-876
  • 16 oz. Treats 3,749 gallons.
  • Quickly creates ideal water conditions for fish and plants
  • Contains natural peat extract
  • Naturally filters sunlight in pond water
  • Provides fish with needed shade
Laguna Phosphate Control, 67.5 oz
Laguna Phosphate Control, 67.5 oz (2.1 qt)
Our Price: $52.41
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Laguna Phosphate Control naturally improves pond water clarity and overall pond conditions. Phosphate is a major nutrient that can stimulate undesirable pond conditions that result in unclear water. Micro-organisms in Phosphate Control's super-concentrated formula reduce phosphate levels. Laguna Phosphate Control contains a combination of powerful bacterial teams found in nature that improve water conditions for pond inhabitants.

  • PT-898
  • 67.5 oz (2.1 qt). Treat 10,566 gallons
  • Reduces phosphates naturally
  • Improves water clarity
  • Lasts longer than chemical treatments
  • Replenishes beneficial micro-organisms
Laguna Plant Grow, 16 oz
Laguna Plant Grow, 16 oz
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Laguna Plant Grow replenishes the vital elements necessary to achieve thriving aquatic plant growth. Unlike other plant fertilizers, Plant Grow's special formulation contains neither phosphates nor nitrates. Each element in this balanced formula can be readily absorbed for rapid uptake by plant roots and leaf structures. Plant Grow encourages a full root system and broad leaf structure, promotes full and vibrant colors, and intensifies enzymatic reactions throughout the plant. Plants use a large quantity of minerals and other vital elements as they grow and flourish. In the captive environment of a pond, these elements can be rapidly depleted by flora. When added to pond water weekly, Plant Grow provides essential elements required for healthy and vibrant aquatic plants.

  • PT-866
  • 16 oz. Treats 2,500 gallons
  • Chelated micro nutrient
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Helps keep plants strong and vigorous
  • Great for floating plants
  • Safe for fish
Laguna Water Prep, 2 Liters
Laguna Water Prep, 2 Liters (2.1 qt)
Our Price: $24.75
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Laguna Water Prep eliminates harmful chlorine or chloramine from newly added tap water, immediately making it safe for pond inhabitants. It also neutralizes toxic metal ions found in tap water before it can harm fish. Water Prep's coating agents bond to fish skin and scales where natural coating has been breached, offering time for the natural production of the protective slime coat.

Always ensure that fresh tap/well water is made safe before it comes into contact with fish. Laguna Water Prep will ensure that tap/well water is made safe. It should be added to the pond whenever tap/well water is added.
  • PT-863
  • 2 Liters (2.1 qt). Treats 10,566 gallons.
  • Makes tap or well water safe for fish and plants
  • Instantly eliminates chlorine and chloramine
  • Neutralizes harmful metals
  • Coats and protects fish fins and scales.