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Aqueon Shrimp Aquariums

Aquariums by Aqueon (for shrimp) w/ Tank Builder Options
In this section you can order Aqueon LED Shrimp Aquarium Kits with a host of suggested options: a heater, water conditioner, net, and shrimp food. Just uncheck the box next to any product you do not wish to order with your Aqueon Kit. more info
Aquariums by Aqueon (for shrimp)
We carry the Aqueon 7.5 Gallon Gallon LED Shrimp Aquarium Tank. Includes LED light, filter, substrate, water conditioner and setup guide. Not sure of what other product you will need with your Aqueon Shrimp Aquarium? Please take a look at our
Aqueon Shrimp Aquariums w/ Tank Builder Options.
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