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Fluval 307 Canister Filter w/ High Performance Media & UV Upgrade Package
Fluval 307 Canister Filter w/ High Performance Media & UV Upgrade Package

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Brand & Manufacturer: Fluval Canister Filter

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Product Code: RHG10446-HPUV

This package includes the Fluval 307 Canister Filter, the Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier w/ Hose, and the extra media you'll need to maximize performance. The media package includes: TWO Fluval BIO-FX Biological Media Bags (450 grams each); Fluval Ammonia Remover Pads (3 Pack); Fluval Phosphate Remover Pads (3 Pack); Fluval Nitrite Remover Pads (3 Pack); and THREE Inland Seas 6 oz Activated Carbons.

The Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier can quickly and easily be connected to the Fluval 307 Filter (the hose to connect to the Fluval Filter is included). The Clarifier eliminates suspended bacteria and algae for a clear and healthy aquarium. Fluval CCFL technology attacks green and cloudy water by applying powerful, DNA-destroying UVC light emissions.

The extra and upgraded media will maximize the performance of the Fluval Filter. It will make the water much clearer and your fish much healthier.

Fluval Bio-FX:
We include 450 grams of the BIO-FX in plastic bags (2 bags of 225 grams). Use this superior BIO-FX media instead of the bio media that comes with the filter. The new Fluval BIO-FX Premium Biological Filter Media, 5L (A1459) has a deeper pore structure allowing for more bacteria and higher biological filtration performance than the original BioMax included with the filter. Half of the BIO-FX should be changed every six months.

Fluval Phosphate (A268), Ammonia (A258), and Nitrite (A264) removing Pads:

These resin infused pads help control phosphate, ammonia, and nitrite from building up in the aquarium. There are three of each pad, and they should be changed monthly.

Inland Seas Premium Pelletized Activated Carbon:
Pelletized carbon is more efficient than impregnated pads but unlike granular activated carbon it is not “friable” (easily crumbled) and will withstand the strong flow in the Fluval filters without being reduced to dust. There are three packages of Inland Seas 6 oz Carbon in this package, and it should be changed monthly. Use the carbon that comes with the filter for the first month.

To help remember when to do maintenance, use the Fluval Canister Filter Maintenance Checklist (pdf in new window).

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