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Giesemann VERVvE
Giesemann VERVvE LED
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Giesemann VERVvE One LED Aquarium Light (Slave OR Single) Giesemann VERVvE One LED Aquarium Light (Slave OR Single)

Product Code: RGS00251
This Giesemann VERVvE One is the Slave or Single LED Aquarium Light. It can be controlled through Bluetooth with a Giesemann VERVvE Plus LED Aquarium Light (Master With Bluetooth). The Giesemann VERVvE One can also be programmed without the Plus unit. However, all programming will be done with the on-board controller ( and not a phone or computer). Full spectrum + UV output. 56 Optimized LEDs & 1450+ programmable set points. Six-channel independent control of color spectrum and intensity. Dimensions: 13.7" x 9.8" x 1.35" (L x W x H).

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