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Invertebrates: A Quick Reference Guide (Hardcover) Invertebrates: A Quick Reference Guide (Hardcover)

Author: Julian Sprung

A comprehensive field guide for aquarists, divers and naturalists, with detailed full color photographs of hundreds of species, encompassing many of the invertebrates one is likely to encounter on and near reefs around the world. This book defines the invertebrate groups and gives brief information about their structure and natural history. Hundreds of species of invertebrates are described.

In addition the author gives information about similar-looking species, range, habitat, food requirements, special considerations, toxicity, hardiness and compatibility issues, and discusses their suitability for reef aquariums and captivity in general.

This book is the essential guide for all aquarists who want to make the right choices when stocking an aquarium with invertebrates or purchasing invertebrates for a reef aquarium.

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Marine Invertebrates (Paperback) Marine Invertebrates (Paperback)

Author: Ronald L.Shimek, PH.D.

Profiling some of the most beautiful and bizarre animals that make their way into marine aquariums, this second entry into the bestselling PocketExpert Series covers more than 500 species and groups of special interest to reef aquarists.

Written by an invertebrate zoologist and avid marine aquarist

More than 500 world-class color identifying photographs

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Reef Life (Paperback) Reef Life (Paperback)

Authors: Denise and Larry Tackett

From the fantastic (tiny fish that live within the anal cavity of sea cucumbers) to the astonishingly beautiful (rare corals and other invertebrates in a kaleidoscope of colors), the animals of the coral reef almost never fail to elicit a "Wow!" from those fortunate enough to see them alive and at close range. Based on more than a decade of painstaking, close-up observations and brilliant underwater photography, Reef Life offers an unforgettably illustrated, clearly explained introduction to the biology and organisms of the coral reef. Technical advisers to this project include several leading marine biologists, ichthyologists, zoologists, and reef aquarists. 224 pages, 8-3/4" X 10.75". Full color photographs throughout.

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The 101 Best Marine Invertebrates Scott Michael The 101 Best Marine Invertebrates

Author: Scott W. Michael

The 101 Best Marine Invertebrates presents 101 full-page species accounts of invertebrates that not only have high survival rates in captivity but also are appealing in appearance and behave well in a community tank. Also included are 33 species to avoid. These are the creatures that most commonly wreak havoc in home aquariums because of their size or aggressiveness, or that tend to perish in the hands of experienced aquarists. The 101 Best Marine Invertebrates is a terrific tool for any retail store owner, livestock seller, or hobbyist wanting to make informed choices among the proliferating selection of available marine invertebrates.

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