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JBJ Orion SL-Series
JBJ Orion Aquarium SL-Series LED Reef Aquarium Lighting
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JBJ Orion SL-65 LED Aquarium Light, 16.25" JBJ Orion SL-65 LED Aquarium Light, 16.25"

Product Code: RJB71501

Appropriate for Reef Aquariums. Consult the Reef Aquarium Lighting Chart to determine the best light for your aquarium.

The JBJ Orion Aquarium LED Lights feature high intensity Blues, Royal Blues, Cool White CREE XT-L LEDs, and UV-Semi LEDs that are appropriate for reef aquariums. 16.25" X 6.45" X 1.06". The included mounting legs will expand the light from 18.75" to 32.25". 65 watts.

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