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Crystal Aquariums by Lifegard Aquatics
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Setting Up A Small Planted Shrimp Tank (in a Lifegard Crystal Aquarium) VIDEO
Aquariums by Lifegard, Crystal
The Lifegard Aquatics Cystal Aquariums feature 45 edges and ultra-clear low-iron glass. The glue joints are invisible. Crystal tanks are rimless and made of ultra-low iron glass which allows the viewer an undisturbed viewing of their underwater masterpiece. Includes a back filtration compartment with return pump and filtration media. They come with either a filter on the side or the back. Six sizes to choose from. more info
Lifegard Aquatics 24.09 Gallon Crystal Aquarium Builder
The Lifegard Aquatics 24.09 Gallon Crystal Aquarium comes with a pump and filter media in the back chamber. However, it does not include many other products you will need to have a saltwater aquarium. This includes a light, circulation pump, salt, sand, a hydrometer, algae cleaner and more. On this tank BUILDER page we recommend the best products to get with the Lifegard Aquatics 24.09 Gallon Crystal Aquarium. This includes just the right amount of sand and salt. Order everything, or just un-click the items you don't want. more info