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Additives: Red Sea Reef Foundation, Reef Energy & Color Corals Supplements

The Red Sea Reef Foundation, Reef Energy, Color Corals and Reef Energy products, along with the Red Sea Pro Test Kits, are all part of an integrated Reef Care program created by Red Sea to maximize the health and attractiveness of your reef aquarium. Many of the product (main pages) have links to videos and documentation created by Red Sea to explain the Reef Care program. We also encourage you to visit the Red Sea Reef Care Program Web site, which contains all the videos and documentation.
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Red Sea Dosing Cap Tube (2 pieces) Red Sea Dosing Cap Tube (2 pieces)

Product Code: RRS22209
These Red Sea Dosing Cap Tube are for use with Red Sea Reef Care Program additives with the new style caps. The Tube connects the new style cap to a dosing pump.

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Reef Foundation B Alkalinity Buffer Supplement Red Sea Reef Foundation B, Alkalinity Buffer Supplement, 2.2 lb

Product Code: RRS22027
Reef Foundation B is a carbonate and buffer complex for the balanced formation of coral skeletons. It contains a complex of carbonate and other buffers present in seawater that maintain proper alkalinity and pH, and is part of Red Sea's complete Reef Care program. For best results dose according to a measured drop in alkalinity and in conjunction with Reef Foundation A and Reef Foundation C.

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Coral Colors D, Fe & Complementary Metals Trace Element Red Sea Coral Colors C, Fe & Complementary Metals Trace Element, 16.9 fl. Oz

Product Code: RRS22063
Coral Color C is an iron & complementary trace element complex that promote the green colors in corals. This complex contains 8 “light” metals, including Iron, Manganese, Cobalt, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Chrome and Nickel, which are micro-elements that are essential to many bio-chemical metabolic processes, including respiration, production of energy, chlorophyll and photosynthetic catalysts. C elements are related to the green/yellowchromo-proteins.

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