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Hydor Koralia Evolution

Hydor Koralia Evolution 850 gph TWO PACK , SmartWave Circulation Pump Timer, & Citric Acid Package
Hydor Koralia Evolution 850 gph , SmartWave Timer & Citric Acid Package

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Brand & Manufacturer: Hydor Koralia Evolution Pump

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Product Code: RHY19202-BUNDLE

This package includes two of the Hydor Koralia Evolution 850 gph, a SmartWave Circulation Pump Timer, and an Inland Seas Citric Acid.

The Hydor Koralia Evolution 850 gph is one of Hydor's new and innovative circulation pumps for small reef aquariums. The Hydor Evolution design and technology guarantees a continuous and powerful water flow which can be directed freely thanks to the special sphere shaped connection to the exclusive combination suction cup and magnet support. High performance, low energy consumption and quick and easy maintenance.

The Koralia SmartWave Circulation Pump Timer helps recreate currents using the two Koralia pumps. This helps to create a healthy aquarium and uniform water temperature. There are two programs: (1) Alternate: pump 1 ON pump 2 OFF, pump 1 OFF - pump 2 ON; and (2) Synchronous: pump 1 and 2 go ON and OFF together.

The Citric Acid is to keep your pump clean and functioning at peak performance. Over time, aquarium pumps and powerheads can start to have mineral deposits or coralline algae build-up, which can hamper the performance. Keeping your pumps clean will lead to a longer life and better efficiency. Just create a liquid solution with the Inland Seas Citric Acid, and after a quick soak, deposits will start to dissolve, requiring minimal effort for complete removal.

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Hydor Koralia Evolution