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Aquarium Lighting
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Reef Aquarium Hood Lighting Chart
Planted & Fish Only Tank Lighting Chart
Are There Reasons To Buy Anything Other Than An LED Light For Your Aquarium?

What are Wattage, Lumens, Lux and PAR? Article
Getting the Most out of Your Light
LED Reef & Planted Tank Aquarium Lighting
(higher intensity)
LED Aquarium Lighting
(lower intesity)
These are higher wattage LED lights that are capable of supporting corals and plants. Many come with built-in controllers or are controller compatible.

This page features LED aquarium lights that are appropriate for lighting fish only tanks and for night lighting.
T5 Aquarium Lighting Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting
A wide variety of T5 Aquarium Lights from Coralife, AquaticLife, Wavepoint and Hamilton. Also the replacement lamps and parts for all the lights we carry and more.
We do not carry Metal Halide Lights any more. We do have a wide variety of replacement lamps and a few replacement parts.
Compact Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting
Compact Fluorescent Lights from Coralife and a variety of replacement compact fluorescent lamps.