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Refugium Overview
CPR Aquatic Hang-On Refugiums
These CPR Aquatic Refugiums are designed to hang on the back of the tank and include an appropriate powerhead. CPR lights, designed to fit the CPR Refugiums, can also be purchased. more info
CPR Aquatic In Tank Refugiums
CPR Aquatic In Tank Refugiums come with either suction cups or hanging brackets. They can be purchased with or without pumps.
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Refugium Lights
All refugiums require lighting. Refugium lights typically use daylight color temperature bulbs. You'll want your refugium light to be as bright as your main system light. Offerings include the Kessil Tuna Flora, Tunze Eco Chic & Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget.
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Refugium Live Mud & Substrate
Using a specialized refugium substrate will increase the growth of useful macro-algae in a refugium more info