Red Sea ReefLed Lights
The Red Sea ReefLed 50 and 90 Lights are designed for optimal growth, while producing great coloration with a pleasant shimmer effect. Red Sea didn't stop with great function and form. They integrated the control of the light into the ReefBeat smart aquarium app and the built-in WiFi lets you directly connect the light to your smart device to set the daily schedule, color, intensity, and other features. The ReefLEDs use an ingenious recessed LED cluster that eliminates glare from normal viewing angles. This focuses light into the tank, while the specialized lens provides a homogenous light mixture that blends nicely in your aquarium. The Dual Channel settings let you customize the lighting for your viewing preferences while ensuring the overall spectrum is acceptable to corals and other animals that depend on it for their energy. Mounting Arms and Suspension Kits are a separate purchase.

Poly-Labs Reef-Roids
Poly-Labs Reef-Roids is a blend of naturally occurring marine planktons, which contains a species of zooplankton that is unique to our product. It is formulated to minimize water degradation and is ideal for Goniapora, Zoanthids, Mushrooms, and all other filter feeding corals. With continued use, your corals will never experience faster growth and coloration! Three sizes to choose from.

Flipper Float Aquarium Cleaners (New Style)

The new Flipper Float Aquarium Cleaners are the last aquarium cleaning tools you will ever need! Flipper's patented design creates the only 2 in 1 magnetic aquarium cleaner that can FLIP from scrubber to scraper simply by rotating the handle. The cleaner now floats to the top of your aquarium if it ever becomes disconnected for even easier retrieval! A "must-have" cleaning tool for advanced hobbyists and maintenance professionals! Three sizes to choose from.

Hydros Control & Wave Engine

Hydros is an aquarium automation system developed by CoralVue. With the Hydros hardware (Control 2 & Control 4) and Control App you can replace individual manual controllers and applications. Hydros utilizes WiFi and the Hydros Control ports to turn on/off temperature probes, leak detectors, ATO pumps, cooling fans, solenoids (for RO & CO2), fans, cabinet lights and much more.

With the Hydros Wave Engine (& appropriate adapter) you can control a wide variety of pumps, such as Maxspect & IceCap Gyres, Reef Octopus and Tunze Pumps. There is also a CoralVue Hydros Wave Engine with Ecotech Module for EcoTech VorTech Pumps.

Philips CoralCare Gen2 LED Fixture Black & Controller Package

The Philips CoralCare Gen2 rethinks reef lighting, combining the advantages of LEDs with the aesthetic light qualities of T5s to create a light with tunable spectrum and intensity for vibrant, healthy corals, while emulating the even spread and color mixing previously only achievable with fluorescent fixtures. The specialized LED layout and diffusion plate, creating a superior blanket of light that avoids heavy shadowing and disco-ball effects while maintaining excellent coral fluorescence.

This package comes with the Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller to control your Philips CoralCare Gen2 Black LED Fixture. Using the Controller you can control the light wirelessly using your mobile device or PC. The CoralCare Gen2 Controller can control up to four of the Philips CoralCare Gen2 Black LED Fixtures. It's compatible with the CoralCare Gen1 fixtures. The CoralCare Gen2 also includes a 0-10V port so you can connect the light to third-party aquarium controllers like the HYDROS Control 4, Neptune Systems Apex, and GHL ProfiLux.

Maxspect Jump DC Centrifugal Pumps

The Maxspect Jump DC DC Centrifugal Pumps are unique. They looks like jet engines, which is intentional, and though it can only be used submersed it's intended to be a return pump. The Jumps are also DC, controllable and very powerful. Four sizes to choose from. The 6K is the smallest, but it has a flow rate up to 1,585 GPH. It can handle head pressure of up to 14 ft. The 12K is the largest, and it has a whopping flow rate up to 3,170 GPH. It can handle head pressure of up to 16 ft.

Each Maxspect Jump comes with its own controller. The controller can set the pump at 20 different flow levels. The pump also has three feed mode durations (10, 20 or 30 minutes) and pulsing modes.

Maxspect Jump Gyre Flow Pumps

The Maxspect Jump Gyre Flow Pump w/ Controller are fully programmable and utilizes crossflow technology to distribute flow evenly and eliminate dead spots. Unlike earlier versions, each Jump Gyre comes with its own controller. They also come with an extra set of black rotors.

The Maxspect Gyre 2K: Dimensions: 8.78" X 2.83" X 1.5"; Power Consumption 25W; Flow Rate ~1849 GPH. The Maxspect Gyre 4K: Dimensions: 12.4" X 3.15" X 1.69"; Power Consumption: 45W; Flow Rate: ~3962GPH.

Maxspect Jump SK400 Protein Skimmer

The Maxspect Jump SK400 Protein Skimmer is innovative and attractive. With a feature loaded controllable DC pump, patented dual needle wheel impeller, easy flow control and a design that makes maintenance easy, it's truly a game changing skimmer. The controller controls the flow of the pump, has a feed button and has the all-important over flow detection.

For tanks up 100 gallons with a heavy bio-load, 175 gallons with a medium bio-load and 265 gallons with a light bio-load. Dual Water Inlets: The skimmer sucks water from both sides of the skimmer through dual outlets. Water Outlet:You can control the water volume flowing out of the skimmer by turning the water level adjuster. Dual Needle Wheels: Each water inlet features dual needle wheels. One is spinning while the other one is static. This unique design makes the bubbles generated even smaller and higher density than traditional needle wheel skimmers. Over Flow Sensor: An over flow sensor which can detect the water level of the collection cup and send warning signal when necessary. Footprint: 7.75" X 7.75". Skimmer Height: 21.75".

Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 65W LED Lighting System
The Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 65W LED Lighting System is the perfect entry-level WiFi-controllable lighting system. It incorporates a highly efficient Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology that redirects maximum power to your selected LED spectrum, increasing overall performance. It also features an acclimation mode, moonlight cycle, and can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the world via the Syna-G Cloud Platform. Like the rest of the new Maxspect Jump line, the MJ-L165 LED ensures the best performance, style, and value for your money.

ATI T5 HO Lamps
Beautiful coral color. Even better growth.

More than 17 years of proven results since their introduction to the market in 2000, ATI T5 bulbs use the latest advances in phosphors (which make the color) and manufacturing techniques to produce bulbs with higher output, better coloration, and more stability.

We have all the ATI color temperatures and sizes. This includes the Aquablue Special, Blue Plus, Coral Plus, Purple Plus and True Actinic, and the 24", 36", 48" and 60" lengths.

The Aquablue Special combines the properties of a full-spectrum bulb with an elevated blue color peak producing a bulb with an approximate color temperature of 15,000K. The Blue Plus is widely regarded as the most popular reef aquarium T5 bulb of all time. It combines the properties of a blue bulb (approximately 460nm) with an actinic bulb (approximately 420nm). This produces an intense blue light with high PAR numbers and a light spectrum that encourages both coloration in SPS corals and fluorescence in capable corals. The Coral Plus combines the properties of a Blue Plus (~50%), Aquablue Special (~40%) and Purple Plus (~10%) producing a bulb with a cool, crisp white color with hints of red and blue. The Purple Plus combines the properties of a full spectrum bulb with strong red and blue components, producing a bulb with excellent color rendition that works very well to bring out pinks, purples and reds in an aquarium. Recommended in combination with at least two or more other T5 bulbs. The True Actinic produces a violet-blue light that is designed to maximize fluorescence in capable corals and make livestock colors pop. Color spectrum peaks at 421nm. Usually just one per fixture is used to add additional fluorescence to the system.

Neptune Systems Trident Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer
The Neptune Systems Trident Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer is an automated testing system that regularly tests alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium in your saltwater aquarium and then communicates this information to your Apex so you can get alerts, and change your dosing. When combined with the DOS (available separately) it creates a fully automated system for the proper dosing of supplements, maintaining them at consistent levels.
  • Automatically performs calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium tests
  • Includes 1-month of reagents. You might want to also purchase the Neptune Systems Trident Reagent Kit (2 Month Supply)
  • Combine with Neptune DoS for automated dosing
  • Programmable alerts for out of range parameters
  • Data is graphed for easy to comprehend tank stats
  • Can be set-up and integrated with your Apex in less than 15 minutes
  • Empties used reagents and sample into an external vessel (not included)
  • Up to one month of testing before reagents need changing; based on 4-Alk, 2-Ca, 2-Mg tests per day

Sicce Syncra Silent Pumps
The Sicce Syncra Silent Multifunction Pumps pair extreme silence with energy savings. Thanks to innovative technology, these pumps can be used in a great number of different applications. They're ideal for fresh water and marine aquariums, terrariums, turtle tanks, protein skimmers, water-cooling, indoor and outdoor fountains and for any other application that requires a high performance, extremely silent pump. We carry the Sicce Syncra Silent 1.0 (251 GPH, 5 ft head) up to the Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0 (1324 GPH, 12.6 ft head. 5 year guarantee!

IceCap Salinity/Temp Digital Pocket Tester
The IceCap Salinity/Temp Digital Pocket Tester is a portable, rugged, water resistant device that utilizes electric conductivity to determine the specific gravity/salinity of natural and artificial seawater. Within seconds, the salinity and temperature are measured and visually displayed on the easy to read backlit LCD screen. Only $64.99!

Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Bookshelf Aquariums
The Lifegard Crystal Aquariums have been very popular over the past year. We've brought in some more sizes: the 16 Gallon Long, the 11 Gallon Long, the 6 Gallon Long and the 22 Gallon Long.

The Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Bookshelf Aquarium feature 45 edges and ultra-clear low-iron glass. The glue joints are invisible. Crystal tanks are rimless and made of ultra-low iron glass which allows the viewer an undisturbed viewing of their underwater masterpiece.

Frag Gripper Coral Mounting System, 25-Pack
The Frag Gripper Coral Mounting System has a unique clutch clip design that provides a new way of mounting your coral in your saltwater aquarium. The no-glue frag mounting system is compatible with a wide variety of stony and soft coral types (nepthea. leathers, mushrooms, finger coral, xenia, acro, birdsnest & more). Perfect for hard-to-glue soft corals. Works great with SPS up to 3/8" thick and as thin as 1/16". Pack of 25.

JBJ Nano ATO Advanced Auto-Top-Off System

The JBJ Nano ATO Advanced Auto-Top-Off System is the perfect upgrade for your aquarium. This Auto-Top-Off System is re-imagined with dual optical level-sensors for ultimate precision. Enjoy the compact versatility of a digital sensor without compromising the security of overfilling your tank. Installation is quicker than ever, and everything you need to get started is included in the box.

Fiji Cube AIO DIY Kits
Use the Fiji Cube AIO DIY Kits to build a filtration box in the back of your glass tank. Just drop the AIO box into a standard aquarium that is readily available on the market and your all-in-one aquarium will be ready to roll. Fiji Cube designed the AIO boxes to maximize the filtration potential and minimize the effort, time and cost to DIY an all-in-one aquarium.

Fiji Cube DIY Sump Baffle Kits
The Fiji Cube DIY Sump Baffle Kits are designed to convert Glass Tanks into fully functional sumps. The tank is not included and is for photo display only. Includes a filter sock holder and filter socks. The baffle slots that allow customization of spaces for protein skimmers, media reactors, refugiums and other equipment

UltraLife Products
UltraLife has a dozen niche products that are very popular. Keep freshwater aquariums clean and clear with the UltraLife Blue-Green Slime Stain Remover. Effectively and safely remove Red Slime quickly from all coral and invertebrates with UltraLife Red Slime Stain Remover. Catch bristle worms, fire worms, spaghetti worms, and many others with the UltraLife Worm Tube. Capture stray voltage with the UltraLife Ultra Ground Titanium Grounding Probe. Remove phosphate (P04) from your aquarium safely and effectively with the UltraLife Liquid Phosphate Remover & Control. Remove that unsightly mess quickly from corals and invertebrates with the UltraLife Hair & Sludge Removal System without harm to fish, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, corals or reef inhabitants.