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Additives, Supplements & Water Treatments By Type
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Aquarium Additives, Supplements & Water Treatments By Manufacturer
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Aquarium Vitamins
Aquarium vitamin supplements & food soaks for fish & invertebrates. Includes aquarium vitamin supplements from Boyd Enterprises (Vita-Chem), Brightwell Aquatics (Vitamarin, Koralle, AngeLixir). . .
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Buffer replenishes the carbonate and bicarbonate required to maintain or increase the alkalinity of captive marine systems. Alkalinity (carbonate hardness) in captive marine systems constantly decreases as biological processes remove carbonate. . .
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Calcium / Kalkwasser
Kalkwasser replenishes the calcium used during the growth of stony corals, coralline algae, clams, etc. It is necessary to add calcium to reef aquariums in order to replenish the calcium utilized in the growth of soft and stony corals, pink coralline algae. . .
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Aquarium iodine supplements replenish the Iodine that is rapidly removed by plant and animal growth, protein skimming, activated carbon, and ozone use. Iodine is required for healthy growth and colorful pigmentation in soft and stony corals. . .
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Planted Tank
Additives specific to the needs of freshwater planted tanks, such as Seachem Flourish & Brightwell Aquatics FlorinMulti, Blackwater and more
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Reef Aquarium Supplements
Aquarium supplements from Brightwell Aquatics, E.S.V., Inland Sea, Kent Marine, Sea-Lab & Two Little Fishies to assist in the growth of corals
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Aquarium Shrimp Supplements: Brightwell Aquatics Shrimp Caridina GH+, Sera Catappa Leaves, Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt, Sera Alder Cones and more
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Supplements for Freshwater
Products from Brightwell Aquatics for freshwater aquariums: Clarifi-FW, DiscusCode, Florin Delta GH+ & KH+, FlorinBacter, RainboCode & Remineraliz
Aquarium Additives by Type:
Water Treatments
Aquarium water treatments to assist in the removal (and detoxification of) chloramines, chlorine, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphates. Includes aquarium water treatments from Kordon (NovAqua & AmQuel), AquaBella, Brightwell Aquatics (MicroBacter & PhosPhat E), Kent Marine (Poly-Ox). . .