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LED Planted Tank Aquarium Lights

This section features LED lights that have the proper spectrum and output for freshwater aquarium plants. To find the best light for the particular dimensions of your tank visit the Planted & Fish Only Tank Lighting Chart. These lights have higher output than the lights for fish only aquariums. Visit the LED Aquarium Lighting (lower wattage) section for lights for fish only aquariums.
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LED Planted Tank Lights:
Aqueon Opti-Bright MAX
The slim, low-profile Aqueon OptiBright MAX LED Fixtures feature LED lighting ideal for freshwater or marine fish-only aquariums, and aquariums with low-med light level plants. The MAX is 50% brighter than the OptiBright Plus version.
LED Planted Tank Lights:
Aqueon Planted Clip-On
This elegant, super thin Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Light provides optimal lighting for a bright thriving freshwater planted-tank environment. Quick 3-way soft-touch control. Easily mounts on framed or frameless aquariums. Ideal for planted aquariums up to 20 gallons.
LED Planted Tank Lights:
Fluval Fresh & Plant NEW 3.0
With 5 unique LEDs, the German-engineered Fluval Sea Fresh & Plant Light provides your plants full spectrum exposure for vibrant growth, color and health. The NEW 3.0 version features Bluetooth control. With the 3.0 you do NOT need the WiFi LED Controller.
LED Planted Tank Lights:
Kessil PLANTED TANK Packages

We highly recommend the Kessil Tuna Sun A160WE & A360WE LED Aquarium Lights for planted tanks. In this section we make it easy to get the right combinations of Kessil LED Lights, Goosenecks, Controllers, Mounting Arms and Cables.

LED Planted Tank Lights:
Kessil Tuna Sun LED Lights

We highly recommend the Kessil Tuna Sun LED Aquarium Lights for freshwater planted tanks. The Kessil Tuna Sun lights are the highest quality LED planted-tank aquarium lights on the market.

LED Planted Tank Lights:
Zetlight Lancia II LED Lights

The Zetlight Lancia II WI-FI LED Freshwater Aquarium Lights are a great choice for freshwater planted tanks. This light is controlled with the Horizon Aqua app. Versions for both 36" and 48" tanks.