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RO Systems: AquaticLife Classic Reverse Osmosis Units

We also carry replacement cartridges and membranes for AquaticLife RO Systems.
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AquaticLife Classic 100 GPD 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis/DI Unit AquaticLife Classic 100 GPD, 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis/DI Unit

Product Code: RAL01326
AquaticLife Classic 100 GPD, 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit economically filters water using standard 10" cartridges. Includes 1 Micron Pre-filter Cartridge, Solid Carbon Block Cartridge, Catalytic GAC Cartridge, 100 GPD TFC Membrane Cartridge and Color Changing Resin (Deionization). This Classic RO system provides up to 100 gallons per day of economically filtered reverse osmosis water, removing harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap water. Product Manual.

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AquaticLife Twist-In Water Saver Upgrade Package AquaticLife Twist-In Water Saver Upgrade Package

Product Code: RAL54056
The AquaticLife Twist-In Water Saver Upgrade Package will increase the production of any 100 GPD reverse osmosis (RO) or reverse osmosis deionization (RODI) unit up to 200 GPD without any additional water usage. With the waste water line from the first membrane feeding the water supply to the second membrane you can increase from approximately three gallons per hour to six gallons per hour!

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