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Aquarium Magnet Cleaners

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Picking The Right Algae Magnet Cleaner
Magnet Cleaners: Algae Free
Algae Free makes the highest quality aquarium cleaning magnets for use on glass and acrylic aquariums from 10 to 1,000 gallons, with thicknesses of 1/8″ to 1″. Magnets will float if they become detached in the aquarium. more info
Magnet Cleaners: Flipper
The Flipper Magnet Aquarium Algae Cleaners are the only aquarium cleaners that can flip from scrubber to scraper simply by rotating the handle. Complete cleaning without getting your hands wet. Seven versions to choose from.
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Magnet Cleaners: Mag-Flip
The Mag Flip 100 Medium 2-in1 Glass Aquarium Algae Cleaner comes with both a pad side to clean your aquarium on a regular basis and a scraper side that can be used to more stubborn algae. more info
Magnet Cleaners: Mag-Float
The Mag-Float Acrylic and Glass Aquarium Cleaners come in sizes appropriate for aquariums ranging from small round fishbowls to aquariums over 500 gallons and over 1-1/2" thick. more info
Magnet Cleaners: Tunze
Tunze Care Magnets consist of an ergonomic handle and special plastic blades made of wear-resistant high performance plastic. They are significantly more compact than conventional algae magnets. This glass pane cleaner avoids scratches on internal glass, and can also be used on acrylic with the small plastic blade. more info
Magnet Cleaners: Two Little Fishies
Two Little Fishies' NanoMag is an itsy-bitsy, lean, high-energy, window-cleaning apparatus. Its patent-pending design provides flexibility and a slender profile that slips safely between polyps and viewing windows. The BettaMag Magnetic Cleaner is even smaller.
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