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Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting
(Replacement Bulbs & Replacement Parts)
Useful Links (to help choose the best aquarium light for your situation):
Metal Halide Replacement Bulb Chart
Reef Aquarium Hood Lighting Chart
Lamps (bulbs): AquaticLife HQI Lamps (bulbs): Coralife HQI/Mogul

Lamps (bulbs): Hamilton HQI/Mogul Lamps (bulbs): Ushio Aqualite HQI/Mogul

Parts: AquaMedic Parts: AquaticLife

Parts: Coralife Aqualight Metal Halide Parts: Current USA Outer Orbit/SunPod

We carry all available replacement parts for the Current USA Outer Orbit, SunPod & SunDial Metal Halide Fixtures: Ballasts, timers, end panels, glass covers, hanging kits, docking mounts (legs) & splash lenses
Parts: Marineland Marine Series Pro