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Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Algae Remedies, Pond Algae Remedies
Products to help control algae in ponds of all sizes. The Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PondCare AlgaeFix is safe for plants while the Tetra Pond Blocks are best used for ornamental fish ponds.
Aquarium algae control and aquarium algae removal are very complex problems that need to be battled on many fronts. For a comprehensive solution to your algae problem we recommend reading "Algae: A Problem Solvers Guide."
Algae Scrub Pads Gravel Vacs, Aqueon
Algae scrub pads for glass and acrylic aquariums of all sizes. Offerings include pads on handles, pads on swivel heads and even an algae mitt to reach hard-to-reach places.
The Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer was developed to make routine water changes and vacuuming gravel easy and efficient for any level aquarist.
Gravel Vacs, JBJ Instant Siphon Gravel Vacs, Marina
The JBJ Instant Siphon Gravel Cleaner is in an all-in-one gravel cleaner that makes maintenance fun and simplified. This tool is so simple and easy to operate, you'll never need to purchase another gravel cleaner again.
The Hagen Marina AquaVacs are complete gravel cleaner and water changing systems that use water pressure from a home faucet to siphon water out of your aquarium while cleaning the gravel.
Gravel Vacs, Python Gravel Vacs, Tom
The Python No Spill Clean and Fill Gravel Vacs come with either 25 foot or 50 foot hoses and are designed to hook the output hose to a standard sink faucet or to a garden hose. This eliminates a need for a bucket and is especially useful with larger aquariums where you might be removing 10 or more gallons from your aquarium for a water change.
The Tom Aquarium Products Gravel Vacuums have an easy-to-start siphon feature to make aquarium maintenance a whole lot easier. Just a few rapid squeezes on the priming pump starts the siphon. For aquariums from 5 to 125 gallons.
Magnet Cleaners: Algae Free Magnet Cleaners: Mag-Flip
The Algae Free Cleaning Magnets come in various strengths with the Great White strong enough for aquariums up to 1" thick. For glass and acrylic. Magnets will float if they become detached in the aquarium.
The Mag Flip 100 Medium 2-in1 Glass Aquarium Algae Cleaner comes with both a pad side to clean your aquarium on a regular basis and a scraper side that can be used to more stubborn algae.
Magnet Cleaners: Mag-Float Magnet Cleaners: Two Little Fishies
The Mag-Float Acrylic and Glass Aquarium Cleaners come in sizes appropriate for aquariums ranging from small round fishbowls to aquariums over 500 gallons and over 1-1/2" thick.
Two Little Fishies' NanoMag is an itsy-bitsy, lean, high-energy, window-cleaning apparatus. Its patent-pending design provides flexibility and a slender profile that slips safely between polyps and viewing windows.
Miscellaneous Nets
All the stuff that didn't fit into the main categories. Tongs, wipes, salt creep eliminator and scissors.
A wide variety of fish nets ranging from 5" X 4" with 12 inch handle to 14" X 13" with handles that will telescope up to 60 inches.
Pipe Cleaning Brushes Plant Tools
Many people don't even realize there is a tool to clean their grungy filter tubes. Here are the tools.
Trimmers, tweezers and other tools made for aquatic plants.
Polish & Scratch Remover Scrapers, Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II
Take care of small to large scratches in acrylic tanks with the Novus Polishes. Finish off the job with the Kent Marine Polisher.
The Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II comes in 12", 24" and expandable versions and includes a plastic blade for algae, a stainless steel blade for calcified deposits and a fabric pad for fine cleaning.
Scrapers Traps
Scrapers with either plastic blades for acrylic and metal blades for glass.
Traps for both fish and undesirable pests.

We carry over one hundred products to keep your tank clean. We highly recommend Algae Free & Mag-Float Cleaning Magnets  (aka algae magnets)--they're great time saving devices. For small tanks we carry the Two Little Fishies NanoMag.

For the harder to get at algae on the glass or acrylic an aquarium a scraper will be necessary. Scrapers typically either come with a metal blade for glass tanks or a plastic blade for acrylic tanks.

The Python Gravel Vacs, Marina AquaVac, Aqueon Water Changer, JBJ Instant Siphon Gravel Cleaner and Tom Gravel Vacuums are all excellent choices for a tool to clean your sand/gravel and drain your tank for water changes.

The Novus Acrylic Polish and Scratch Remover will polish out small scratches and can even be used on sunglasses.

An entire section is devoted to dealing with algae remedies.

Take a look around our Web site. We may carry an aquarium maintenance product you never knew existed.