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Aquarium Decorations

Artificial aquarium decorations are becoming more and more realistic--and more than a few times we've had aquarists unable to distinguish between the natural and artificial live rock, corals and plants in our display tanks. Not only are they realistic looking, but at the end of the day--because they do not die or require the water quality and lighting of real organisms--aquarium decorations will save you money. We carry the O.S. I. Ornaments, AquaTop Decorative Plants, BiOrb Plants, Sculptures & Other Decor, Underwater Treasures Coral Replicas, Marina Ecoscaper Silk Aquarium Plants & EShopps Imitation Jellyfish.
Background Kits
The Blue Life Water Colors Backgrounds are pre-cut and made of high quality material. The backgrounds are easy to apply to any glass or acrylic aquarium. Backgrounds are available in both blue and black. more info
Freshwater Decorations
These decorations are imitations of plants and objects you would find in a freshwater environment.
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Saltwater Decorations
These decorations are imitations of corals, other organisms and objects you would find in a saltwater environment.
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