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CoralVue Alkatronic & Mastertronic

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CoralVue Mastertronic Water Tester CoralVue Mastertronic Water Tester

Product Code: RCV-MAST100
Mastertronic is the latest addition to Focustronics' product range of automated water testing equipment capable of measuring Nitrates, Phosphates, Magnesium, Calcium, and Alkalinity. In addition, Mastertronic will communicate with other Focustronic products such as the Alkatronic.


  • User Manual
  • Dimension: 31.5 (L) x 22.5 (W) x 35.0 (H) cm
  • Measures PO4/ NO3/ Ca / Mg / dKH* / OLI (may add parameters in near future)
    • Nitrate (NO3)Accuracy / Precision (+/-) : 0.5 ppm / 0.1 ppm
    • Phosphate (PO4)Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 0.01 ppm / 0.005 ppm
    • Magnesium (Mg) Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 20 ppm / 20 ppm
    • Calcium (Ca) Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 6 ppm / 6 ppm
    • Alkalinity (dKH) Accuracy / Precision (+/-) 0.1 dKH / 0.05 dKH
    • OLI is our own derived parameter that measures the organic matter in water. Can indicate when users should run or replace carbon
  • High Precision Stepper and DC Pumps
  • State of the art colorimetric photosensor
  • Simple to use iOS and Android App (Wifi). Focustronic App (all in one)
  • Communicate with Alkatronic/Dosetronic/Solartronic/Powertronic: local wifi via router

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CoralVue Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller CoralVue Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller

Product Code: RCV-ALKA100
Alkatronic is an all-in-one product for serious reefers to automatically monitor and stabilize alkalinity for your reef system. The standalone product works straight out of the box without the need of any additional dosing pump, computers or other equipment to use.

The Alkatronic automatically monitors the alkalinity (KH) in your tank, as well as corrects any deviations within the user's settled reference intervals by dosing carbonates from its own dosing pump or by activating a Bluetooth Smart Outlet (included).

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