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T5 Aquarium Lighting Fixtures

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T5 Replacement Bulbs & Parts
T5 Aquarium Lights by Length:
24" T5 Fixtures, 30" T5 Fixtures, 36" T5 Fixtures, 48" T5 Fixtures
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T5 Planted Tank Light Fixtures:
Hamilton FijiSun High Output
The Hamilton Technology FijiSun 6-Lamp T5 HO Fixtures are the only 6-Lamp fixtures on the market we're aware of since AquaticLife dropped their 6-Lamp Fixtures. T5s are still a great choice for planted tanks.
more info
T5 Retrofits:
AquaticLife Ballast Kits
The AquaticLife T5 HO Ballast Kits come in two lamp & four lamp 24W, 39W and 54W versions. Reflectors and lamps are not included. You can use any type of T5 HO lamps with these Ballast Kits. more info