10% off Site-Wide Coupon (for 96% of products)!!!!
From NOW through October 31st the Oct10 coupon code can be used for a 10% discount on orders with qualifying items. Only about 200 of our 5,500 items don't qualify. If it isn't on the list of non-qualifying items below, the Oct10 coupon will give you a 10% discount. For the Red Sea Aquariums you can use the Oct5 coupon code for a 5% discount on orders with qualifying items.

Non-Qualifying Items
With the following MAP items the coupon code can not be used.
Red Sea Reefer Aquariums only qualify for a 5% discount (using the Oct5 coupon code).

How To Use
Just enter Oct10 or Oct5 into the 'Coupon Code? Enter it here:' box on the first checkout page and choose the 'Apply' button to receive 10% off (or 5% off) on your Marineandreef.com order. These coupons are ONLY good through 10/31/2016, and they can't be used with any other coupon codes.


AIR PUMPS Coralife Luft & Super Luft Air Pumps
AQUARIUMS Coralife BioCube Aquariums
JBJ NanoCube Aquariums
CHILLERS Coralife Aquarium Chillers
JBJ Arctica Aquarium Chillers
FILTERS Marineland Emperor Power Filters
Marineland Magniflow Canister Filters
Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filters
Nu-Clear Canister Filters
Tetra Whisper Power Filters
Tom Rapids Pro Canister Filters
Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactors
HEATERS Hydor Theo
JBJ True Temp Titanium
ViaAqua Quartz Heaters
LIGHTING AquaticLife .5 Watt Expandable LED Light Fixtures
AquaticLife Halo Reef Aquarium Light Fixtures
AquaticLife T5 Retrofit Kits
Aqueon OptiBright Plus LED Fixtures
Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Lights
Coralife Aqualight-S LED Aquarium Light Fixtures
Coralife Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Coralife Freshwater Lunar Aqualight T5 HO Lighting Fixtures
Coralife LED Aqualight Lighting Fixtures
Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 HO Lighting Fixtures
Coralife T5 HO Lighting Fixtures
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Lighting Fixtures
Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Lighting Fixtures
JBJ Trinity T5 HO Lighting Fixtures
JBJ Unibody LED Aquarium Lights
Kessil A150W LED Aquarium Lights
Kessil A360WE & A350 LED Aquarium Lights
Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Lighting Systems
Marineland LED Strip Lights & Advanced LED Strip Lights
Marineland Reef LED Strip Lights
TrueLumen Pro LED Strip Lights
Wavepoint High Output LED Micro Sun Lights
Wavepoint High Output LED High Output Light Strips
Wavepoint Micro Sun LED Lights
Wavepoint T5 Lighting Systems
Wavepoint T5 Retrofit Lighting Systems
Wavepoint T5 Lamps
PROTEIN SKIMMERS Coralife Super Skimmers
PUMPS Aqueon QuietFlow Submersible Utility Pumps
Coralife Circulation Pumps
Fluval Sea Aquarium Pumps
Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps
Hydor Evolution Pumps
Rio Aqua Powerheads
Rio HF Powerheads
Supreme WFP HyDrive Aquarium Pumps
TIMERS Coralife Power Center Timers
UV STERILIZERS Coralife Turbo Twist UV Sterilizers
Coralife Turbo Twist Pond UV Sterilizers
Emperor Aquatics Smart Lite UV Sterilizers