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Dennerle 5 in 1 Shrimp King Shrimp Food Dennerle 5 in 1 Shrimp King Shrimp Food

Product Code: RJB06099
Dennerle 5 in 1 Shrimp King Shrimp Food is based on the species-specific feeding habits of shrimps in the wild (Caridina and Neocaridina species). It supplies all essential nutrients and substances for growth, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre. It exclusively uses nutritionally sensible, high-quality, food-grade ingredients. 100% pure natural ingredients. Guaranteed to be free from artificial additives such as artificial colorings, antioxidants, preservatives or attractants. No fish meal, fishery waste or cheap plant by-products as fillers. Re-sealable packs for long lasting freshness.

Includes small packets of:

  • Shrimp King Complete for daily feeding
  • Shrimp King Protein for better growth
  • Shrimp King Mineral for a strong shell
  • Shrimp King Snow Pops Food fun for shrimp
  • Shrimp King 5 Leaf Mix the bioactive vegetable snack

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Dennerle 5 in 1 Shrimp King Shrimp Food Dennerle Color Shrimp King Shrimp Food

Product Code: RJB06075
Make the color of your pint-sized pals pop with Dennerle Shrimp King Color Shrimp Feed. This color-enhancing feed for shrimp is designed to help intensify colors in yellow, orange and red shrimp species. It is formulated with high-concentration color enhancers such as astaxanthin, beta carotene and lutein. This shrimp feed is water-stable and crafted to sink for easy consumption. Each granule is made with 100% natural ingredients that include micro-algae, crustaceans, tagetes flowers, paprika, carrots and decapsulated artemia eggs.

Our Price: $14.49
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