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Coralife BioCube Aquariums
Aquariums by Manufacturer:
Coralife BioCube FRESHWATER Aquariums
All the Coralife BioCube Aquariums come complete with lighting, media and a return pump, and they're ideal for nano reef tanks with soft corals. We carry both the Coralife Size 16 LED BioCube Aquarium and Coralife Size 32 LED BioCube Aquarium and the stands, UV sterilizers, protein skimmers and all other products made specifically for these stylish aquariums. We also have complete packages for the BioCubes that include protein skimmers, top-offs, wavemakers, thermometers and much more.
The Coralife BioCube Aquarium is often considered to be a saltwater reef aquarium. However, it works just as well as a freshwater planted aquarium. We've put together packages that include the additives, substrate, carbon, CO2, cleaning magnets and plants tools you will need to get your BioCube Freshwater Planted Tank started.