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Aquarium Test Kits

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Test Kits ICP Water Analysis
Test kits for reef, fresh and saltwater aquariums
The ICP Water Analysis Kit is a unique product. Included with the purchase is an ICP test tube and a pre-labeled (but NOT pre-paid) envelope. Send you sample to ICP in Colorado and they will analyze your aquarium’s water for 33 elements down to the parts per million (ppm), or even parts per billion (ppb), surpassing the accuracy of any hobby level test kits.
Jungle & Tetra Quick Dip Test Strips Lifegard Aquatics Test Strips
The Jungle & Tetra Quick Dip Test Strips are easy to strips for testing your water quality. Just dip in your aquarium water and compare to the provided color chart.
5-Way Test Strips, 6-Way Test Strips and Ammonia Test Strips. Can be used for saltwater and freshwater tanks, and for ponds.
Red Sea Marine Care Program Test Kits Red Sea Pro Test Kits
The Red Sea Marine Care Program Test Kits are part of the Red Sea Marine Care Program. This Program integrates the Ree Mature Pro Kit additives with the Test Kits.
Very accurate test kits for reef and saltwater aquariums. Along with the usual calcium, nitrate & alkalinity test kits are the less common iodine and potassium test kits.
Salifert Test Kits Seachem Alert Series
Very accurate test kits for reef and saltwater aquariums: alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, potassium and kh/alkalinity.
Easy to use testers that are placed in the aquarium and give a continuous readout.
Seachem Test Kits Sera Test Kits
Test kits for ammonia, copper, nitrate, nitrite, iron, phosphate, pH, alkalinity, iodine, iodide & magnesium carbonate.