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Air Pumps
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Air Pumps by Manufacturer:
The Aqua-Supreme air pumps come in four sizes, and the two largest sizes come with multiple adjustable outlets. more info
Air Pumps by Manufacturer:
AquaTop Breza AP
The AquaTop AP Air Pumps come in a range of sizes for aquariums up to 100 gallons. These air pumps are energy efficient and relatively quiet. Air flow control valve included. For freshwater and saltwater aquariums. more info
Air Pumps by Manufacturer:
Cobalt Aquatics
The Cobalt USB Powered air pumps are low voltage (5v) DC pumps with an internal batteries that provide up to 24 hours of operation during power outages, emergencies, transporting fish, or for fish collecting trips. The Rescue Air Pump Kit also includes a power pack, airline hose and airstone. more info
Air Pumps by Manufacturer:
Coralife Super Luft
The Coralife SL-38 & SL-65 Super Luft Aquarium Air Pumps produce a high-pressure output perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other high-pressure/high-flow devices. more info
Air Pumps by Manufacturer:
Penn-Plax AirPod
The Penn-Plax AirPod Aquarium Air Pumps come in six sizes for aquariums from less than 10 gallons to 100 gallon aquariums. The AirPods feature a specially designed diaphragm assembly with sound absorbing dome, adjustable air power control and non-skid rubber feet. Acoustically designed for smooth, ultra-quiet operation. more info
Air Pumps by Manufacturer:
Penn-Plax Silent Air
The Penn-Plax Silent Air Pumps are very powerful for their size and make virtually no noise. They can be used for many different applications like quarantine or hospital tanks, and protein skimmers that still used wooden air stones. We suggest always having a proper sized air pump on hand in the event of pump failure to keep the water oxygenated. more info
Air Pumps by Manufacturer:
Tetra Whisper (UL)
The Tetra Whisper Air Pumps have minimal noise & maximum air flow. The Tetra Whisper Air Pumpís dome shape actually flattens sound wave frequencies. In addition, each model features sound dampening chambers designed specifically for that model. These are the UL Listed versions, not the cheaper model. more info
Air Pumps: Battery Operated
A battery operated air pump will keep your aquarium organisms alive during a power outage. more info