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Power Filters: Marineland Emperor Bio Wheel Power Filter

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Model 280 Emperor Filter Owner's Manual
(parts diagram on page 10)
Model 400 Emperor Filter Owner's Manual
(parts diagram on page 12)

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Marineland Emperor 400 Filter Power Bio-Wheel Emperor Aquarium Filter System Marineland Emperor 400 Power Filter with Bio-Wheel

Product Code: RML50479
The Marineland Emperor 400 Bio-Wheel Power Filter powerfully cleans your aquarium water through mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration mechanisms to remove debris, water impurities, and dangerous toxins. This hang-on power filter contains a built-in 400 gph pump that runs water across the Bio-Wheel for biological filtration, through the Rite-Size filter cartridge for mechanical filtration and through the Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for chemical filtration (removing odors, discoloration and impurities).

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