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Milwaukee Instruments Monitors, Photometers, Controllers & Testers

Milwaukee Testers are micro-processor based pen style testers with a clog resistant electrode
  • Specifically designed for the aquarium market
  • Auto shut off after 10 minutes saves battery life and extends tester life
  • Complete with battery and calibration solution
Milwaukee Meters, such as the Milwaukee pH Meter, are low cost and simple to use portable meters
  • Powered by a 9v battery (supplied) these meters
  • Include electrode and calibration solution
Milwaukee Controllers monitor values in your aquarium allowing you to control other equipment when a user selectable set point is reached
  • Include electrodes and controlled outlets
We also carry Milwaukee Replacement Electrodes and Milwaukee Replacement Solutions

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Milwaukee Instruments pH Controller, MC122 Milwaukee Instruments pH Controller, MC122

Product Code: RMI00422
The Milwaukee Instruments pH Controller, MC122, is especially designed for use with aquariums.

Our Price (price includes free shipping!) $132.49
(Out of Stock)
Milwaukee Instruments MW700 Lux Light Meter Milwaukee Instruments Lux Light Meter, MW700

Product Code: RMI00370
The Milwaukee Instruments Lux Light Meter MW700 measures aquarium lighting intensity. It's a great tool for testing the intensity of your lighting system and determining when the bulbs need changing. The light sensor is waterproof and can be used to verify light intensity anywhere in a filled aquarium.

Our Price: $99.00
In Stock
Milwaukee Instruments MC 410 (TDS) Monitor w/ Cal-Test Milwaukee Instruments MC 410 (TDS) Monitor w/ Cal-Test

Product Code: RMI00440MC
Milwaukee's MC 410 is a reliable TDS monitor with automatic temperature compensation and 1 point manual calibration powered by a 12 VDC adapter.

Our Price: $87.00
In Stock
Milwaukee Instruments Replacement Glass Cuvettes (2 pcs) Milwaukee Instruments Mini-Photometer Replacement Glass Cuvettes (2 pcs)

Product Code: RMI00011
Replacement Milwaukee Instruments Glass Cuvettes. Can be used with Milwaukee Mini-Photometers. 2 pieces. 2-1/2" tall.

Our Price: $11.99
In Stock
Milwaukee Photometer Cuvettes Caps Milwaukee Instruments Photometer Replacement Cuvette Caps (2 pcs)

Product Code: RMI00002
Replacement Milwaukee Instruments Cuvettes Caps. These caps are for the Milwaukee Instruments Photometer Replacement Glass Cuvettes.

Our Price: $6.89
In Stock