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AutoAqua Smart Security System Combo AutoAqua Smart Security System Combo

Product Code: RCV00700
The AutoAqua Smart Security System Combo consists of three separate penny sized optical sensors set to safeguard your aquarium against common malfunctions. Each Sensor is pre-programmed and magnetically couples for easy installation.

Combo Set Includes:

Our Price (price includes free shipping!) $159.99
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AutoAqua Smart Temp Security AutoAqua Smart Temp Security

Product Code: RCV21180
The AutoAqua Smart Temp Security uses a tiny temperature sensor to secure the aquariums temperature. The magnetically-coupled sensor makes it so easy to install. This unit features a Plug&Play design, with no settings needed.

Secures your aquarium temperature ranging from 72℉ ( 0.5℉) to 84℉ ( 0.5℉).

Our Price: $59.99
In Stock
AutoAqua Smart Level Security AutoAqua Smart Level Security

Product Code: RCV11788
Featuring a plug and play design, AutoAqua Smart Level Security automatically detects the water level status when mounted. Magnetically-coupled sensor makes it easy to adjust to the desired level to secure your aquarium.

Our Price: $59.99
(Out of Stock)
AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security

Product Code: RCV11795
The AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security uses the uniquely-designed contactless optical sensor to prevent the protein skimmer from overflowing. No moving parts to service or fail making this unit incredibly reliable. A magnetically coupled sensor makes it super easy to install and adjust the desired level in the collection cup.

Our Price: $59.99
(Out of Stock)