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Rotating Water Deflector Hydor Rotating Water Deflector

Product Code: RHY00047
The Hydor Rotating Water Deflector rotates 360 degrees as it is pushed by the power of a pump pushing the water through the deflector. This creates a wave effect that moves plants and anemones in a very natural and visually pleasing manner.

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Algae Free Sure Grip 100 Magnetic Powerhead Holders Algae Free Sure Grip 100 Magnetic Powerhead Holders

Product Code: RAF56104
The Sure Grip Magnetic Powerhead Holder provides a new way of attaching power heads to your aquarium. Using the Sure Grip the Maxi-Jet, Tunze Stream or Seio Super Flow powerheads can be placed anywhere on the wall of a glass or acrylic aquarium.

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Ice Cap Gyre Battery Backup Ice Cap Gyre Battery Backup

Product Code: RIC22825
The Ice Cap Gyre Battery Backup is for any serious aquarium hobbyist that wants to protect their investment in the case of a power outage. Compatible with most DC variable speed pumps 12-24 volts.

Four to six hours without pump flow can cause the death of valuable fish and corals. Extreme weather can strike at anytime, and you canít always predict the outcome. By adding an Ice Cap Battery Backup, your tankís flow will continue for up to 35 hours after the power goes out (up to 17 hours for two pumps). Add a second battery backup to double the run time.

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Ice Cap Battery Backup V2 IceCap Battery Backup V2

Product Code: RIC00722
When it comes to a power failure, itís not a matter of if, but when. Fish and corals can perish in as little as 4 hours without water flow. The IceCap Battery Battery Backup Version 2.0 will keep your flow pump running uninterrupted in the event of a power loss for ~35 hours*. You can connect two pumps to the battery backup and run them simultaneously for ~17 hours after the power goes out. To double your backup run time, you can even connect two battery backups together for further protection.


  • This new version is 24V rather than 12V like the original
  • Turns on immediately after a power failure to protect your aquarium
  • Keeps a single flow pump running ~35 hours after a power loss
  • You can connect 2 flow pumps to a single battery backup for ~17 hours of backup operation
  • You can connect two battery backups together to double the run time of a single pump to ~70 hours
  • Compact and attractive form factor that is easy to mount on a wall or aquarium stand
  • Get started immediately: power supply, pump adapters, and user guide are all included in the box
  • Compatible with most 12-24 volt pumps from brands like Maxspect, IceCap, and Reef Octopus

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