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Aquarium Controllers & Monitors

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Aquarium Controllers and Monitors Overview
American Marine Pinpoint Monitors & Controllers
American Marine PinPoint pH & ORP Monitors. PinPoint pH & Temperature Controllers. more info
Apogee Instruments & ITC ReefCulture PAR Meters
Apogee Instruments Full Spectrum Light Meters & Quantum Sensors are high-end underwater PAR measurements meters that apply the sensor's immersion effect correction factor to the meter readings through firmware. The MQ-510 meter is excellent for all light sources, including LEDs. With the MQ-210, the LEDs post-measurement correction factors need to be applied to achieve accurate readings. The ITC Reefculture PARwise Device is a unique light meter with the ability to measure spectrum. It can be used underwater and in air. It gives you all of the relevant lighting measurements required to make informed decisions. more info
CoralVue Mastertronic & Alkatronic
The CoralVue Mastertronic is the latest addition to Focustronics' product range of automated water testing equipment capable of measuring Nitrates, Phosphates, Magnesium, Calcium, and Alkalinity. In addition, Mastertronic will communicate with other Focustronic products such as Alkatronic and Dosetronic.

The Alkatronic is an all-in-one device that automatically monitors and maintains carbonate hardness values of your aquarium throughout the day. Can dramatically simplify and improve the way we manage KH parameters of a reef tank.
more info
Hydros Controllers
We carry the complete line of CoralVue Hydros Controller products. This includes the Hydros Control 2 Starter Pack & Control 4 Starter Pack, the Hydros Wave Engine, all the sensors, add-ons, adapters & cables. more info
Kamoer KH Carer Alkalinity Tester
The Kamoer KH Carer Alkalinity Tester is an automatic testing device that measures an aquarium's KH value (Alkalinity). more info
Neptune Systems Apex Controllers

With Apex Controllers you can fully automate your aquarium. Using these controllers and expansion modules you can control you LED lights, Vortech pumps, heaters & chiller and monitor your pH, ORP and salinity. You can even monitor your tank on your iPhone.

more info
Kessil Spectral Controller
Just the size of a smart phone, the Kessil Spectral Controller has the ability to tune up to two different sets of Kessil (A360 Platform) lights via two separate output ports (0~10V). more info
Milwaukee Monitors, Controllers & Testers
Wide variety of Milwaukee pH, ORP, Phosphate, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Light & TDS testers, monitors & controllers. more info
Security Devices
These devices are designed to shut of equipment when waters levels are too low or too high in aquariums, sumps and protein skimmers. The Smart Temp will shut off your heater or chiller if it malfunctions and the aquarium temperature is too high or low. more info
Tunze Controllers
The Tunze Multicontrollers work with all Tunze Turbelle Pumps fitted with an electronic motor. They also work with Tunze LEDs, which can be adjusted and programmed by a computer via USB connection. They contain microprocessors with memory and an internal real-time clock. more info
Milwaukee Electrodes
The Milwaukee electrodes/probes will work for either the Milwaukee or American Marine monitors more info
American Marine Solutions
Includes calibration solutions, storage solutions and polishing strips more info
Milwaukee Solutions
Milwaukee has both single use packets and bottles of calibration solution, as well as electrode rinse and storage solutions more info