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Aquarium Controllers & Monitors
Neptune Systems Apex Controllers Kessil Spectral Controller

With Apex Controllers you can fully automate your aquarium. Using these controllers and expansion modules you can control you LED lights, Vortech pumps, heaters & chiller and monitor your pH, ORP and salinity. You can even monitor your tank on your iPhone.

Just the size of a smart phone, the Kessil Spectral Controller has the ability to tune up to two different sets of Kessil (A360 Platform) lights via two separate output ports (0~10V).
Milwaukee Monitors, Controllers & Testers Tunze Controllers
Wide variety of Milwaukee pH, ORP, Phosphate, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Light & TDS testers, monitors & controllers.
The Tunze Multicontrollers work with all Tunze Turbelle Pumps fitted with an electronic motor. They also work with Tunze LEDs, which can be adjusted and programmed by a computer via USB connection. They contain microprocessors with memory and an internal real-time clock.
IceCap Reef Cams Milwaukee Electrodes
With the IceCap Reef Cam you can capture and share the tranquil beauty of your aquarium. It's the first underwater micro camera capable of live streaming in HD (720p) using an iOS or Android mobile device with the integrated WiFi.
The Milwaukee electrodes/probes will work for either the Milwaukee or American Marine monitors
American Marine Probes American Marine Solutions
These replacement probes can be used with either the Milwaukee or American Marine monitors
Includes calibration solutions, storage solutions and polishing strips
Milwaukee Solutions Ground Probes
Milwaukee has both single use packets and bottles of calibration solution, as well as electrode rinse and storage solutions

Ozone Generators American Marine Pinpoint Monitors & Controllers

American Marine PinPoint pH & ORP Monitors. PinPoint pH & Temperature Controllers.
Aquatronica Controllers
Aquatronica Controllers are electronic control systems for advanced aquarium management. The heart of the systems are the Aquarium Controller Unit (ACQ110) and the Aquatronica Power Center (ACQ013). Packages include various modules such as a pH probe, pH interface, water level sensor, probe holder, USB PC kit and ethernet module.