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Algae Control

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10 Ways To Stop Aquarium Algae
Algae Remedies, Pond
Products to help control algae in ponds of all sizes. The Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PondCare AlgaeFix is safe for plants while the Tetra Pond Blocks are best used for ornamental fish ponds. more info
Algae Remedies
Aquarium algae control and aquarium algae removal are very complex problems that need to be battled on many fronts. For a comprehensive solution to your algae problem we recommend reading "Algae: A Problem Solvers Guide." more info
Algae Scrub Pads
Algae scrub pads for glass and acrylic aquariums of all sizes. Offerings include pads on handles, pads on swivel heads and even an algae mitt to reach hard-to-reach places. more info