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Sumps & Overflow Boxes

Aquarium Sumps & Overflow Boxes

Overflow Boxes

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Sump Accessories

Various filter socks and filter sock holders that can clamp to the sump wall

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Sumps: CPR Aquatic
The CPR Aquatic AquaFuge 30 Reef Sump has been designed to maximize space for filtration
in a compact footprint while preserving simplicity, adjustability, ease of use & servicing.
The large refugium and sump chambers give you plenty of space for biological and
physical filtration. Both chambers have adjustable water levels to meet your filtration
needs & match the specs of your equipment. Add your preferred substrate and macro
algae to the refugium chamber to create the optimal environment for beneficial
microorganisms & increase biological filtration in your system. The large sump chamber
provides plenty of room for heaters, a protein skimmer, media reactors, and any other
equipment you require.
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Sumps: Fiji Cube Advanced Reef Sumps
The Fiji Cube Advanced Reef Sump are elegantly designed and have unique features. They come with a full top support brace to prevent bowing. The interchangeable filter socks or filter floss holder allow you to choose your preferred mechanical filtration. The sumps are designed with large equipment room (protein skimmer and reactor) to maximize equipment potential and they are refugium ready. more info
Sumps: Fiji Cube Sump Baffle Kits
The Fiji Cube DIY Sump Kits are designed to convert glass aquariums into a fully functional sumps. Just silicone the pieces into your aquarium to create a sump. The larger sizes include sock holders and filter socks. All sizes include media trays and bio-foam. more info
Sumps: IceCap Reef Sumps
The IceCap Reef Sumps were developed and built around the requirements of a modern day reef aquarist. This sump will exceed any and all expectations with attention to detail, practical design and overall aesthetic appeal. Six sizes to choose from. more info
Sumps: Reef Octopus OCTO Reef Sumps
With bold red color accents and a bevy of practical features, the Reef Octopus OCTO Sump Series is perfect for discerning reef aquarium hobbyists who crave luxurious good looks with performance-inspired design. You can house all your red Reef Octopus equipment like skimmers, reactors, and pumps in a cool complementary container so your sump looks just as good as your display tank. more info