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BiOrb Aquariums: Classic, Halo, Life, Tube & Flow

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OASE BIORB Aquarium Setup Guide

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BiOrb Classic Aquariums
These are the original BiOrb Classic Aquarium Fish Tanks. From 15 liters to 105 liters. Three colors to choose from. Buy with multi-colored remote light or the standard LED light. Purchase with decorations or without. more info
BiOrb Halo Aquariums
The BiOrb Halo Aquariums come in the 15 liter, and 30 liter sizes and in either grey or white. They have the multi-colored remote light. The Halo appears to float in the room. more info
BiOrb Life Aquariums
The BiOrb Life Aquariums come in a couple variations. In 15 liters & 30 liters, and in black, and white. more info
BiOrb Air Terrariums
The BiOrb Air Terrariums are THE modern terrarium/vivarium, whether it's orchids, poison dart frogs, air plants, mosses and carnivorous plants or an insectarium the BiOrb Air replicates the conditions found under the tropical forest canopy and will provide them with the humidity, air circulation and lighting they need. 60L. White or gray. more info