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Aquarium Filtration
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Filtration Overview
Canister Filter Troubleshooting
Aquarium Filtration:
Canister Filters
Aquarium Filtration:
Power Filters
We carry aquarium canister filters from Marineland, Fluval, Hydor, Ocean Clear, Nu-Clear, AquaTop and JBJ.
We carry the Aqueon QuietFlow, AquaClear, AquaTop, Emperor, Fluval, Penguin & Tetra Whisper Power Filters.
Aquarium Filtration:
Replacement Media
Aquarium Filtration:
Replacement Parts
Replacement media for all the power filters and canister filters we carry.
Replacement parts for all the power filters and canister filters we carry.
Aquarium Filtration:
Aquarium Filtration:
RO Systems
CPR Aquatic Refugiums plus refugium lights and media.
Aquarium RO Systems from Coralife, SpectraPure and AquaticLife. This section also has the replacement RO cartridges and parts.
Aquarium Filtration:
Sumps & Overflow Boxes
Aquarium sumps and overflow boxes from IceCap, Aqueon & CPR Aquatic
Aquarium substrate
Aquarium Filtration:
This section has all the filter types that do not fit into the other categories: Lifegard Aquatics In-Line Filters, sponge filters, wet/dry Filters, biological filters, chemical filtration reacctors and sump accessories.