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Aquarium Calcium Reactors & Kalkwasser Stirrers
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Kalkwasser Overview
Calcium Reactor Media

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Calcium Reactors: Reef Octopus SALE!!
The Reef Octopus Calcium Reactors with VarioS multiple speed pumps meet the challenging task of maintaining alkalinity, calcium and trace elements on a demanding reef system. All models come with PH probe holder (probe and PH controller sold separately) to monitor Ph levels in the main reactor chamber, and also come with built in bubble counters to monitor Co2 drip rates. more info
Calcium Reactors: ViaAqua Acro Cal

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Kalkwasser Stirrers & Reactors
Kalkwasser Stirrers stirs kalkwasser so that the calcium carbonate sediment settles at the bottom of the Stirrer while the clear solution of calcium hydroxide is at the outlet where it can be transferred to the tank more info