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Protein Skimmers

Aquarium Protein Skimmers By Size & Style

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Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Aqua Excel
For 80 to 660 gallon tanks
The Aqua Excel Protein Skimmers come in four sizes and feature variable speed DC pumps. DC pump are relatively quiet and energy efficient.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Aqua Medic
For 40 to 125 gallon tanks
We carry a variety of Aqua Medic Protein Skimmers.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
For 35 to 400 gallon tanks
In Sump Protein Skimmers
These in sump protein skimmers are made with high quality thick acrylic body. They feature needle wheel pumps and bubble plates. Easy to set up and use.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
AquaticLife Mini Skimmer
For 10 to 30 gallon tanks
In Tank Protein Skimmers
The AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 is a perfect choice for nano reef aquariums. The adjustable mounting bracket fits standard aquarium frames. The quick-lock design makes it easy to open skimmer housing for cleaning.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
AquaTop Xyclone
For 50 to 100 gallon tanks
Hang On & In Sump Protein Skimmer
The AquaTop Xyclone Protein Skimmer is designed to easily and effectively remove organic waste from aquarium water. A needle wheel impeller increases the contact area to maximize efficiency. Simple, accurate control allows you to adjust output quickly and easily. The result is cleaner, clearer water with healthier aquatic life.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Coralife Super Skimmer
For 30 to 220 gallon tanks
Sump or Hang On Protein Skimmers
The Coralife Super Skimmer Protein Skimmers come in three sizes and can either be used in the sump or as a hang-on skimmer. Includes needle-wheel water pump with air Inlet Silencer, water-level adjustment dial and bubble-production diffuser.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
CPR Bak-Pak & SR Series
For 30 to 100 gallon tanks
Some Sump & Some Hang On
We carry the CPR Aquatic Bak-Pak 2R+ and Bak-Pak Dual Pak Protein Skimmers.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
IceCap K1 & K2
For 40 to 300 gallon tanks
The IceCap K1 & K2 Protein Skimmers are remarkably compact skimmers that offer a new level of refined filtration for marine aquariums. The seven different skimmers can handle tanks ranging from 40 to 300 gallons. All aspects of the skimmer were implemented to surpass many challenges other skimmer on the market miss out on.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Innovative Marine NuvoSkim
For 10 to 50 gallon tanks
The Innovative Marine Auqa Gadget NuvoSkim DC Desktop and Midsize Protein Skimmers are energy efficient, direct current powered protein skimmer. Though designed for the Nuvo Fusion Aquariums, they can also fit into the back compartment of similar aquariums.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Red Sea Reefer & C-Skim
For 160 to 500 gallon tanks
In Sump Protein Skimmers
The high-performance Red Sea Reefer Protein Skimmers feature a combination of Sicce PSK pumps with a proportionally sized venturi, bubble diffusor and reaction body that optimizes air-water contact time for steady waste removal. Designed with hobbyists needs in mind, the Reefer Skimmers are really quiet thanks to rubber connectors which dampen the vibrations as well as a robust air silencer. Features the FoamView window, built-in neck cleaner and extra-long valved waste tube. Three sizes to choose from.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Reef Octopus Accessories
Reef Octopus offers a number of products that will increase the efficiency of your protein skimmer.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Reef Octopus
For 20 to 320 gallon tanks
Hang On & In Sump Protein Skimmers
A wide variety of protein skimmers for a wide variety of tank sizes and protein skimmer needs.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
For 175 to 500 gallon tanks
In Sump Protein Skimmers
The RK2 Protein Fractionators are our highest quality protein skimmers. These in sump (or just outside sump) skimmers are for large aquariums. They come in two sizes and with either a Mag Drive pump with needle wheel & venturi or with a Mag Drive pump and Mazzei Air Injector venturi. Made a by RK2, the major provider or skimmers to public aquariums.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
Rossmont Skimer
For 80 to 320 gallon tanks
In Sump Protein Skimmers
The Rossmont SX250 and SX500 Skimer Protein Skimmers have a programmable pump (when used with the Waver Controller and free App). You can buy the Skimer either with or without the Waver. By using the free App you can ramp up and ramp down the Skimer pump to sync it with dosing pumps and run at low speeds when necessary (such as when starting up the skimmer after doing maintenance). The Skimer Skimmers are easy to adjust and feature the efficient and reliable Riser Pump, which is integrated in a way that is easy to remove and clean. Quiet operation, small footprint, large reaction chamber and included drain valve.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
For 50 to 150 gallon tanks
Sump or Hang On Protein Skimmers
The Aquarium Systems SeaClone 100 & 150 Protein Skimmers can function as either an external hang-on or internal sump skimmer and comes complete with a Maxi-Jet pump.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
For 24 to 53 gallon tanks
In Tank or Filter Chamber Protein Skimmers
These Sera Skimmers are a great choice for nano tanks and can be used in the tank or in the back filter chamber (space permitting). The energy saving dispergator pumps are integrated into the casing of the Skimmers, making the Skimmers very compact.
Aquarium Protein Skimmers:
For 5 to 265 gallon tanks
In Tank & In Sump Protein Skimmers
The Tunze Protein Skimmers come in a wide variety of styles. The Tunze Comline DOC Skimmers come with AC pumps. The Tunze DOC Skimmers come with controllers and DC pumps. The smaller sizes are designed to fit inside an aquarium (ideally a back compartment), and the bigger ones are in sump skimmers.