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Aquarium Heaters & Aquarium Chillers

Aquarium Chillers
We have chillers ranging from 1/13 HP up to 3 HP. From Coralife, AquaEuro, Teko & JBJ. more info
Aquarium Fans
We carry the Tunze Aquawind fans and IceCap aquarium fans. Fans are a great choice when aquariums are just a little bit too hot.
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Aquarium Heaters
We have aquarium heaters for tanks from 2 to 300 gallons (for larger aquariums just use multiple heaters). 5 watts up to 1,000 watts. Aqua Top, AquaEl, JBJ, Marineland, Fluval, OASE, Hydor, Lifegard Aquatics, and more.

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