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Aquarium Maintenance Tools

Nets Pipe Cleaning Brushes
A wide variety of fish nets ranging from 5" X 4" with 12 inch handle to 14" X 13" with handles that will telescope up to 60 inches.
Many people don't even realize there is a tool to clean their grungy filter tubes. Here are the tools.
Plant Tools Scrapers, Continuum AquaBlade
Trimmers, tweezers and other tools made for aquatic plants.
With four sizes and both glass and acrylic versions, the Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade Scrapers fits the needs of all saltwater and freshwater aquarists.
Scrapers, Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II Scrapers, Other
The Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II comes in 12", 24" and expandable versions and includes a plastic blade for algae, a stainless steel blade for calcified deposits and a fabric pad for fine cleaning.
Scrapers with either plastic blades for acrylic and metal blades for glass.
Traps for both fish and undesirable pests.