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Plant Tools
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AquaTop Aquarium Plant Anchors 10 pieces AquaTop Aquarium Plant Anchors, 10 pieces

Product Code: RAT01814
Aquatop's Aquarium Plant Anchors are a safe and effective way to create a weighted base for your live or artificial aquarium plants. Simply wrap the soft lead strips around the plant stems to create an anchor keeping your plants in place. Safe & non-toxic to fish. For freshwater use only. Works for both artificial and live plants. 10 pieces. Each anchor is 3.25" long.

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Ista Plant Scissors Ista Plant Scissors

Product Code: RIT83545
The Ista Plant Scissors are made of stainless steel and are corrosion resistant. They're designed for trimming water plants. 10 inches long.

Our Price: $14.95
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Ista Water Plant Clip (Tongs) Ista Water Plant Clip (Tongs)

Product Code: RIT83546
The Ista Water Plant Clip (Tongs) can manipulate with precision and delicacy even with the smallest and most delicate water plants. Forged stainless steel, excellent flexibility and is rust resistant. 9.8" in length.

Our Price: $10.95
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OASE Plant Scissors OASE Plant Scissors

Product Code: RBO48497
The OASE Plant Scissors are ideal for a variety of aquatic plant needs. A helpful tool for trimming, pruning, and maintaining aquatic plants. Lightweight yet sturdy stainless steel tool provides precision and accuracy for aquascaping. Fresh water compatible. Also appropriate for saltwater tanks, but you will need to rinse the scissors well after using.

Our Price: $24.44
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OASE Plant Tweezers OASE Plant Tweezers

Product Code: RBO48496
These OASE Plant Tweezers are lightweight yet sturdy, and they provide precision and accuracy when aquascaping fresh water plants. 10.6 inches in length.

Our Price: $8.99
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Rio 10" Essential Trimmer Rio 10" Premium Essential Trimmer

Product Code: RTI01030
Trimmers are an essential part of maintaining any planted aquarium. Aquatic plants need to be trimmed regularly. Stainless steel & plastic. 10".

Our Price: $14.79
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